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IGNOU MBA Projects

Students who join IGNOU’s MBA distance learning program need to submit projects as part of the study program. Projects must conform to IGNOU guidelines and must be of high quality to earn you high marks. Here is a brief guide on how to write IGNOU MBA projects.

Tips to write IGNOU MBA Projects 2018

  1. Read well, carry out research before you attempt writing IGNOU MBA Project 2018.
  2. Jot down points and create a framework for IGNOU MBA project that includes synopsis.
  3. Understand topic in full.
  4. Know how long the proposal should be. 20 pages is average length.
  5. Create sections on introduction, problem statement, review of literature, bibliography sections.
  6. Write each section. Read it carefully to make sure it conveys what you wish to state in a coherent, cogent way. Your arguments in support of your hypothesis should be strong and convincing.

Types of MBA Projects for IGNOU

Types of MBA Projects for IGNOU

Students can take on projects on Finance, Services Marketing, Human Resource Management, Marketing Management and Organizational Behaviour, to name just a few and submit IGNOU Synopsis along with Project.

The type of IGNOU MBA project covers case study (comprehensive), inteorganizational study and field study.

  • Case study (comprehensive)

This involves covering organizational problems, multi-functional area problems, formulation, analysis and recommendations. Students can certainly do with IGNOU MBA project help in this area since it is a complex matter and GPH Guides are the best solution.

  • Inter-organizational Study

This type of project covers comparisons between organizations and validation of theory and management practices. You can take help from examples available through IGNOU MBA project free download and refer GPH Books to know just how it is done.

  • Field Study Project Proposal (Synopsis)

Before you start on a project you have to pick a topic and then prepare a field study project proposal and submit this IGNOU Synopsis for approval. You can get a good idea of topics to select and how to craft a synopsis from GPH IGNOU MBA guide books on how to delineate the objective, rationale, sampling and research methodology as well as limitations.Buy Tramadol online

Important Points for IGNOU MBA Projects

Keep in mind:

  1. Length of project should be around 60 A4 pages with around 18000 words.
  2. It should be printed in double space and ring bound.
  3. The paper should have a section on research methodology and summaries scope of future research.
  4. Your project should be accompanied with a certificate of originality signed by you and your supervisor.
  5. Project report must be submitted to Registrar (SED), IGNOU, Maidangarhi, New Delhi 110068 and get the PR number for reference.
  6. Submit only one copy of the project report and keep a copy for your records.
  7. The envelope should be addressed to Coordinator Projects, School of Management Studies, IGNOU, Maidangarhi, and New Delhi 68.
  8. It should be accompanied with preformed of proposal signed by you and your supervisor as well as the synopsis and detailed bio data of yourself and your supervisor as also cover letter mentioning Project Report MP.order clonazepam online

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