The Three Laws of Performance : Rewriting the Future of Your Organiztion and Your Life

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Book                              :          The Three Laws of Performance : Rewriting the Future of Your Organiztion and Your Life

Author                           :          Steve Zaffron, Dave Logan,,

ISBN                               :          978-81-26525-07-2

Binding                          :          Paperback

Publisher                      :          Times Group Books

Number of Pages        :        320

Language                      :         English

Edition                            :         2009

SKU: 978-81-26525-07-2
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The Three Laws of Performance : Rewriting the Future of Your Organiztion and Your Life

“”Whenever something goes wrong and there is a need for a change to be implemented, organizations are faced with the dilemma where they do not know which part of the system is to be tackled first. Once they have chosen what to concentrate on, and they implement a process to fix it, other issues crop up. And, this seems to be a direct result of the process devised to fix the previous problem.

The authors say that this is because making adjustments to the system that gave rise to the problem does not work. For that given system, its future has already been written in the minds of the people involved. The people involved here range from the top executives down to the workers at the lowest levels of the organization.

If the people have become disillusioned with the system, no amount of fixing it will bring about a change. Also, the dissatisfaction these people feel is spilled out into the society through the attitude they carry home to their families and children.

The authors say that to improve the situation, first, there must be a redefining of the perceived future as seen by all the employees of an organization. If the employees lack faith in the leaders, and the executives keep attributing the failures to the apathy of the people working for them, no amount of adjustment and fixing will work.

This book, The Three Laws Of Performance: Rewriting The Future Of Your Organization And Your Life, shows how to redefine the organization’s future to the people, and how to get everyone to live into this new future.

The authors list three basic laws to bring about this transformation. These laws, if applied, could transform performance to an entirely new level.

The first section covers the three laws and illustrates them with case studies. These chapters will take the reader on a journey to South Africa, Japan, and the United States. The journey covers companies in fields as diverse as construction, mining, aerospace, and energy. The next section, chapters four and five, looks at organizational leadership from the perspective of the three laws.

The third section shows how the reader can use the three laws to enhance their own leadership skills, how to master the three laws, and how to apply them in practical situations.

The authors have not written the book as an academic exercise, they intend it to serve as a practical guide. They have drawn from their own personal experiences to illustrate the effectiveness of these principles.

The book does not show the reader how to fix problems. It shows them how to rewrite the future, and bring about significant change in performance levels.”

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