For What Reason to Select IGNOU Rather Than Other Correspondence University

IGNOU Courses – Indira Gandhi National Open University

Higher education is necessary if you wish to advance in life. For some reason or the other, you may not be able to join a regular university and distance education is the only option you have. In this case, you will find IGNOU to be the best choice for correspondence courses. There are solid reasons to join IGNOU.

IGNOU is a Government Initiative

IGNOU was set up following the Indira Gandhi National Open University Act 1985. It has the best infrastructure with plenty of trained and highly qualified academic professionals. The university has its own satellite channel, which speaks a lot. Not only that, IGNOU has over 4 million students internationally in over 43 countries besides partnering with institutions overseas. IGNOU offers over 247 programmes in various disciplines.

IGNOU Courses

High Academic Standards

IGNOU keeps upgrading its courses to align them with global standards. Its academic standards are high and students must really study hard in order to pass tough exams. Its degrees have value in the marketplace and passing the exams is only possible if you study well. It does provide study materials but students have access to a wealth of IGNOU exam books and IGNOU study material from independent publishers that make life easy.

IGNOU Regional Centers

IGNOU boasts of 47 regional centers, nine in the North-East, six army regional centers, one Assam Rifles Centre and four navy regional centers in addition to 3380 learner support centers and 54230 academic counselors. Students, if they like, can visit their nearest center for guidance and assistance.

Very Cost Effective

The regular college education is prohibitively expensive, especially in reputed universities. However, IGNOU education is affordable. Fees can be as low as 30% of what regular colleges charge. IGNOU offers skill-based short-term certificate courses, regular degree programmes in various disciplines, postgraduate programmes and also Ph.D. programmes.

Extended Time Limit

IGNOU offers students the facility of flexibility in completing courses. There is no rule that you should complete a 3-year degree program in 3 years. You can take 4 years.

If you really study hard and well you can pass IGNOU exams with high grades. You can truly benefit from the course since it gives you up to date knowledge that will help you in your jobs whereas courses from other universities may not be that helpful. If you do wish to pursue distance education then IGNOU is your best bet with IGNOU study guides from independent publishers to help you out.

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