How Do I Prepare For MA in English Program At IGNOU Exam

The Masters in English Program at IGNOU is an interesting course for those who love literature and a pathway to a successful career too. You must study well and prepare well for MA in English from IGNOU. Though there is no MA in English entrance exam, you must be a graduate with good passing grade to gain admission to this course spread over two years and split into various topics in its syllabus.

Full historical coverage of English literature

The first year of MA English at IGNOU is dedicated to giving students a full historical coverage of English literature that takes in poetry, drama, novel and aspects of language at several levels. Apart from IGNOU study materials it is recommended you get GPH MA English entrance test guide book for a sound grounding in literature.

Contextual readings of all ages

Literature is not just drama, poetry or prose. It also embodies social customs and mores that you learn about when you read novels, poetry and drama from various eras, covered in IGNOU MA English course.

How to deal with factual questions

Success in MA English exam depends on how well you study with the help of books for MA in English from GPH. It also depends on how well you are able to interpret the factual questions and respond just right. You must know what it means when you are asked to interpret, compare, criticize, discuss, review, describe or enumerate something and respond just right.

Relevance of British and other contemporary literature

Fiction reflects life as you will learn through a study of British and other contemporary literature in IGNOU’s MA English course. Fictional characters state social and political viewpoints. Students study not only British literature but also literature of USA, Canada and Australia to get a broader view of life as well as language usage.

 Divide syllabus into separate modules

The first a course syllabus comprise of British Poetry, British Drama, British Novels and aspects of English language. The second year has literary criticism and theory as compulsory and one can pick fro other optional modules. For success in A Entrance Exam in English Literature it is advisable for students to go into details of each module and tackle one at a time. Read the associated book and then refer GPH IGNOU MA English guide books to know the question patterns and how to answer them right.

Literary theory and criticism

This paper is for the second year and it is compulsory as well as the most important. Students should take pains to understand the concept of criticism and topics covered such as classical, romantic, new criticism, Marxist literature, feminist literature and deconstruction. This is where a student is tested for his capabilities. He can develop such capabilities by referring to the excellent GPH books on literary theory and criticism in MA English literature studies at IGNOU.

Passage readings and statements based questions

As part of MA English studies at IGNOU students are expected to read books, understand passages and answer questions. GPH guides give them an insight into how to go about the process and be successful in MA exams in English literature.

New areas to cover

Advanced studies does not mean learning by rote. A student is expected to show analytical skills by covering new areas and demonstrating his capabilities as a Masters in English literature. You are expected to read new English literature and provide critical evaluation.

Regular assessment of preparation

GPH MA English guide books are the best when it comes to letting you know just how well prepared you are for the MA in English exam. Each chapter has questions at the end and also assessment papers for monthly revision, a sort of mini test. You can assess your progress and know how well you will do in your exams.

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