The Seal of Surya

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Book                              :          The Seal of Surya

Author                           :          Amrithanshu Pandey

ISBN                               :          978-81-92681-05-4

Binding                          :          Paperback

Publisher                      :          Pirates

Number of Pages        :         240

Language                      :         English

Edition                            :         2014

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The Seal of Surya

“The Seal of Surya

The Seal of Aurvan Surya is lost. The Solar tribes are without a ruler, and the return to Aryavarta has resulted in a confederation where hitherto there was a united clan-hood. Rakshasas, Gandharvas and Yakshas threaten the nascent cities of Aryavarta, and if their rise is not checked the Solar tribes may lose all they have gained.

And thus rises Ikshvaku, the son of Manu and descendant of Surya. He forms Aryavartas first Kingdom and unites the Solar strength against the Anaryas- Rakshasas, Gandharvas and Yakshas.

But the Seal of Surya is still missing, and Ikshvaku will need to find it to put his claim and authority beyond all doubt. This is the tale of Aryavartas first dynasty, the Suryavansha, and its first King- Ikshvaku Manava”


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