MSW-004 Social Work And Social Development in English

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Book                         :      MSW4 Social Work And Social Development (IGNOU Help                                                                                    book for MSW-004 in English Medium)

Author                        :     GPH Panel of Experts          

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Number of Pages        :      277

Language                   :      English

Edition                       :       2019

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MSW-004 Social Work and Social Development


Block-1 Social Dynamics and Change
Unit 1 Migration
Unit 2 Rural and Urban Continuum and Urbanization
Unit 3 Industrialization
Unit 4 Globalisation
Unit 5 Changing Occupational Structure and Impact of Iiberalization

Block-2 Concepts of Development
Unit 1 Social and Human Development
Unit 2 Sustainable Development
Unit 3 Development and Progress: Economic and Social Dimensions
Unit 4 Gender Perspectives on Development
Unit 5 Population and Development

Block-3 Development: Human Rights Perspective
Unit 1 Social Ideals of Indian Constitution
Unit 2 Social Work and Human Rights
Unit 3 Welfare Economics and Development
Unit 4 Indian Judicial System

Block-4 Social Legislations
Unit 1 Legal Provisions for Women
Unit 2 Legal Provisions for Persons with Disability
Unit 3 Legal Provision for Children
Unit 4 Legal Aid, Social Advocacy and Role of Social Worker

Chapter-1 Social Dynamics and Change
Chapter-2 Concepts of Development
Chapter-3 Development: Human Right Perspective
Chapter-4 Social Legislations

June: 2017 (Solved)
December: 2017 (Solved)
June: 2018 (Solved)
December: 2018 (Solved)
June: 2019 (Solved)



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