IGNOU MS-26 Organizational Dynamics

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Book                              :       MS-26 Organizational Dynamics

Author                           :       Vinay Tiwari

ISBN                               :       978-93-81638-93-4                                          

Binding                          :       Paperback

Publisher                      :       Gullybaba Publishing House  (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages       :        252

Language                     :        English







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MS-26 Organizational Dynamics


Block- 1 Group Dynamics

Unit-1 Understanding Groups
Unit-2 Phases of Group Development
Unit-3 Group Cohesion and Alienation
Unit-4 Conformity and Obedience

Block- 2 Role Dynamics

Unit-1 Stress Management Part – I
Unit-2 Stress Management Part – II
Unit-3 The Concept and System of Roles
Unit-4 Role Analysis
Unit-5 Organizational Stress and Burnout
Unit-6 Coping With Stress and Burnout

Block- 3 Power Dynamics

Unit-1 Bases of Power
Unit-2 The Process of Empowerment
Unit-3 Decentralisation and Delegation
Unit-4 Transformational Leadership

Block- 4 Organisational Dynamics

Unit-1 Oranizational Culture
Unit-2 Social Responsibilities of Organizations
Unit-3 Organizational Ethics and Values
Unit-4 Process of Learning Organizations

Block- 5 Inter-Organisational Dynamics

Unit-1 Cross Cultural Dynamics
Unit-2 Management of Diversity
Unit-3 Strategic Alliances and Coalition Formation

Important Questions
Model Question Papers for Exam Practice


1. Solution Paper – Dec 2007
2. Solution Paper – June 2008
3. Solution Paper – Dec 2008
4. Solution Paper – June 2009
5. Solution Paper – Dec 2009


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