MHI10 Urbanisation in India (IGNOU Help book for MHI-10 in English Medium)

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Book                        :      MHI-10 Urbanisation in India

Author                      :      GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                         :      978-93-86276-89-6

Binding                     :      Paperback

Publisher                  :      Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages      :      484

Language                  :      English   

Edition                       :      2019

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MHI-10 Urbanisation in India


Block- 1 Introduction to Urban History
Unit-1 What is Urban History?
Unit-2 Approaches to the Study of Ancient Cities
Unit-3 Approaches to the Study of Medieval Urbanisation
Unit-4 Themes on Modern Cities

Block- 2 The Earliest Cities in the Subcontinent
Unit-5 An Introduction to Early Urbanism
Unit-6 Distribution and Morphology of Harappan Settlements
Unit-7 Harappan Economy and Occupations
Unit-8 Harappan Urban Societies
Unit-9 Case Study of a Major Urban Centre: Mohenjodaro

Block- 3 Early Historic Cities
Unit-10 Archaeology of Early Historic Urban Centres in North India: Emergence and Characteristics
Unit-11 Archaeology of the Emergence of Early Cities and the Characteristics of the Early Historic Urban Centres: South India
Unit-12 Urban Centres and Other Types of Spaces
Unit-13 Cities in Texts
Unit-14 Early Historic Cities in the Taxila Valley: Archaeological Perspectives 

Block- 4 Urbanisation in Medieval India-1 (Part 1)
Unit-15 Urbanisation in Post-Gupta Period: Archaeological Evidence
Unit-16 Early Medieval Urbanisation from Epigraphy and Texts

Block- 5 Urbanisation in Medieval India-1 (Part 2)
Unit-17 Sultanate and Its Cities
Unit-18 Regional Cities
Unit-19 Temple Towns in Peninsular India
Unit-20 Southern Dimension: The Glory of Vijayanagara
Unit-21 Sultanate Capital Cities in the Delhi Riverine Plain

Block- 6 Urbanisation in Medieval India-2
Unit-22 Spatial Characteristics of Mughal Cities
Unit-23 Urban Patterns in Medieval Deccan
Unit-24 Urban Culture and Society
Unit-25 Primate Cities : Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Shahjahanabad
Unit-26 Sacred City Spaces : Ajmer, Banaras, Pandharpur
Unit-27 Case Study : Masulipatnam

Block- 7 Early Modern Cities
Unit-28 Capitalism, Colonialism and Cities in Early Modern India
Unit-29 Port Cities: Sixteenth to Eighteenth Centuries
Unit-30 Cities in the Eighteenth Century-1
Unit-31 Cities in the Eighteenth Century-2
Unit-32 Case Study: Lucknow

Block- 8 Colonial Cities-1
Unit-33 Dependent Urbanisation and New Urban Forms in Colonial India
Unit-34 Race, Class and Ethnicity in the Colonial City
Unit-35 The City as the Site of Spectacle
Unit-36 The City as the Site of Movements

Block- 9 Colonial Cities-2
Unit-37 Modernity and the City in Colonial India
Unit-38 City Planning in India under British Rule
Unit-39 Predicaments of Post Colonial Cities
Unit-40 Case Study: Bombay

1. Solution Paper – June 2018

2. Question Paper – Dec 2018

3. Solution Paper – June 2019


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