Gullybaba IGNOU 1st Semester MAPC (Latest Edition) MPC-002 Life Span Psychology IGNOU Help Book With Solved Previous Years’ Question Papers And Important Exam Notes

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Book                           :        MPC-002 Life Span Psychology

Author                        :        GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                            :        978-93-82688-19-8

Binding                       :        Paperback

Publisher                   :        Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages    :        190

Language                  :        English      

Edition                        :        Latest Edition

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MPC-002 Life Span Psychology


Block- 1 Prenatal, Infancy and Early Childhood
Unit-1 Concept of Development, Growth and Development, Life Span Perspective, Methods of Studying Development and Characteristics of Development 
Unit-2 Prenatal Development (Genetics, Environment Influence and Hazards of Development)
Unit-3 Prenatal Development (Genetics, Environment Influence and Hazards of Development)
Unit-4 Early Childhood (Physical, Psychosocial, Cognitive and Linguistic)

Block- 2 Development During Early School Years (6-11 Years)
Unit-1 Physical Development  
Unit-2 Cognitive, Social, Emotional and Moral Development
Unit-3 Schooling and Development  
Unit-4 Identification of Problems in School Children and Remedial Measures  

Block- 3 Development During Adolescence
Unit-1 Physical Changes  
Unit-2 Cognitive Changes 
Unit-3 Identity, Self -Concept, Self-Esteem, Peer Group Relationship 
Unit-4 Challenges and Issues in Adolescent Development

Block- 4 Adulthood and Ageing
Unit-1 Physical Changes (Early Adulthood, Middle Age, Old Age)
Unit-2 Cognitive Changes (Early Adulthood, Middle, Age, Old Age) 
Unit-3 Psychosocial Changes (Early Adulthood, Middle Age, Old Age)
Unit-4 Challenges and Issues in Ageing Process  

June: 2014  (Solved)
December: 2014 (Solved)
June: 2015  (Solved)
December: 2015 (Solved)
June: 2016 (Solved)
December: 2016 (Solved)
June: 2017
December: 2017 (Solved)
June: 2018  (Solved)
December: 2018
June: 2019 (Solved)
December: 2019 (Solved)

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