MHI9 Indian National Movement (IGNOU Help book for MHI-9 in English Medium)

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Book                        :      MHI-09 Indian National Movement

Author                      :      GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                         :      978-93-86276-73-5

Binding                     :      Paperback

Publisher                  :      Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages      :      256

Language                  :      English   

Edition                       :      2019

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MHI-09 Indian National Movement


Block- 1 Introduction
Unit-1 Nation and Nationalism
Unit-2 Anti-Colonial National Liberation Movement — Asia and Africa
Unit-3 Perspectives on Indian Nationalism-I
Unit-4 Perspectives on Indian Nationalism-II

Block- 2 The Formative Phase
Unit-5 Foundations of Indian Nationalism
Unit-6 Economic Nationalism
Unit-7 Resistance to Colonialism in Intellectual and Social Spheres
Unit-8 Towards Radical and Mass Politics — Swadeshi Movement

Block- 3 National Movement — The Mass Phase-I
Unit-9 Nationalist Politics during the War Period
Unit-10 Emergence of Gandhi
Unit-11 The Turning Point
Unit-12 Khilafat and Non-Cooperation Movements
Unit-13 Revolutionary Trends
Unit-14 Resistance Within and Outside the Councils

Block- 4 National Movement — The Mass Phase-II
Unit-15 Civil Disobedience Movement
Unit-16 Constitutional Developments
Unit-17 Congress Ministries
Unit-18 The Ideological Spectrum in the 1930s
Unit-19 Political Democratisation in Princely States

Block- 5 Quit India and its Aftermath
Unit-20 Prelude to Quit India
Unit-21 Quit India Movement
Unit-22 Post-War National Upsurges, 1945-47
Unit-23 Towards Freedom-I
Unit-24 Towards Freedom-II

Block- 6 National Movement and Social Groups-I
Unit-25 The Peasantry
Unit-26 The Working Class
Unit-27 The Capitalist Class
Unit-28 The Landlords

Block- 7 National Movement and Social Groups-II
Unit-29 National Movement and Women
Unit-30 National Movement and the Dalits
Unit-31 National Movement and the Minorities

Block- National Movement: Legacies
Unit-32 National Movement and Its Strategies
Unit-33 Nationalist Movement and the Communal Problem
Unit-34 Making of the Indian Constitution
Unit-35 Legacies of the National Movement

Chapter-1 Introduction
Chapter-2 The Formative Phase
Chapter-3 National Movement — The Mass Phase – I
Chapter-4 National Movement — The Mass Phase – II
Chapter-5 Quit India and its Aftermath
Chapter-6 National Movement and Social Groups – I
Chapter-7 National Movement and Social Groups – II
Chapter-8 National Movement: Legacies


1. Solution Paper- June 2018
2. Solution Paper – Dec 2018


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