MHI6 Evolution Of Social Structures In India Through The Ages (IGNOU Help book for MHI-6 in English Medium)

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Book                         :       MHI-6 Evolution Of Social Structures In India Through The Ages

Author                       :       Pratibha Thakur

ISBN                          :       978-93-81066-14-0

Binding                      :       Paperback

Publisher                   :       Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages       :       318

Language                   :       English

Edition                        :       2019    

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MHI-6 Evolution Of Social Structures In India Through The Ages


Block- 1 Introductory
Unit-1 Reconstructing Ancient Society with Special Reference to Sources
Unit-2 Hunting-Gathering, Early Farming Society, Pastoralism
Unit-3 Harappan Civilisation and other Chalcolithic Cultures

Block- 2 Cultures in Transition
Unit-4 Societies Represented In Vedic Literature
Unit-5 Iron Age Cultures
Unit-6 Socio-Religious Ferment In North India: Buddhism And Jainism
Unit-7 Emergence of Buddhist Central And Peninsular India

Block- 3 Early Historic Societies: 6th Century – 4th Century A.D.
Unit-8 Chaityas, Viharas and Their Interaction with Tribal Groups
Unit-9 Urban Classes: Traders and Artisans, Extension of Agricultural Settlements
Unit-10 Early Tamil Society –Regions and Their Cultures and Cult of Hero Worship
Unit-11 Marriage and Family Life,Notions of Untouchability, Changing Patterns in Varna and Jati

Block- 4 Early Medieval Societies
Unit-12 Transition To Early Medieval Societies
Unit-13The Problem of Urban Decline: Agrarian Expansion, Land Grants and Growth of Intermediaries
Unit-14 Proliferation and consolidation of Castes and Jatis
Unit-15 Religion in Society

Block- 5 Medieval Society
Unit-16 Village Community
Unit-17 Rural Society: North India
Unit-18 Rural Society: Peninsular India

Block- 6 Society on the Eve of Colonialism
Unit-19 Clans and Confederacies in Western India
Unit-20 Urban Social Groups in North India
Unit-21 Changing Social Structure in Peninsular India
Unit-22 Socio Religious Movements
Unit-23 The Eighteenth Century Society in Transition

Block- 7 Modern Society
Unit-24 Perceptions of The Indian Social Structure by The Nationalists and Social Reformers
Unit-25 Studying Castes in The New Historical Context
Unit-26 Pattern of Rural-Urban Mobility: Overseas Migration
Unit-27 Social Structure in The Urban and Rural Areas

Block- 8 Social Questions Under Colonialism
Unit-28 Colonial Forest Policies and Criminal Tribes
Unit-29 Gender/Women Under Colonialism
Unit-30 Social Discrimination
Unit-31 Popular Protests and Social Structures
Unit-32 Studying Tribes Under Colonialism

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6. Solution Paper – June 2010
7. Question Paper – Dec 2010
8. Question Paper – June 2011
9. Question Paper – Dec 2011
10. Question Paper – June 2012
11. Question Paper – Dec 2012
12. Question Paper – June 2013
13. Question Paper – Dec 2013
14. Question Paper – June 2014
15. Question Paper – Dec 2014
16. Question Paper – June 2015
17. Question Paper – Dec 2015
18. Question Paper – June 2016
19. Solution Paper – Dec 2016
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22. Solution Paper – June 2018
24. Question Paper – Dec 2018
25. Solution Paper – June 2019
26. Solution Paper – Dec 2019

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