IGNOU MHD-17 भारत की चिंतन परंपराएँ और दलित साहित्य, Latest Edition, IGNOU Help Books with Solved Previous Years’ Question Papers and Important Exam Notes, for more information Call or WhatsAPP 9350849407

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Book                       :      MHD-17 भारत की चिंतन परंपराएँ और दलित साहित्य

Author                     :    Gullybaba.com Panel

ISBN                        :      978-93-81970-82-9

Binding                    :      Paperback

Publisher                 :      Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages     :      159

Language                 :      Hindi

Edition                      :       Latest Edition

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MHD-17 Bharat ki Chintan Paramparaye aur Dalit Sahitye


Chapter-1 Buddhkalin Sahitye Parampara
Chapter-2 Lokayat Parampara (Manavtavadi Sahitye)
Chapter-3 Siddh aur Nath Parampara
Chapter-4 Sant Sahitye Parampara

Parshan Patra 

June 2015 (Hal Sahit)
December 2015
June 2016 (Hal Sahit)
December 2016 (Hal Sahit)
June 2017
December 2017 (Hal Sahit)
June 2018 (Hal Sahit)
December 2018 
June 2019 (Hal Sahit)
December 2019 (Hal Sahit)
June 2020 (Hal Sahit)
December 2020 (Hal Sahit)

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