IGNOU MES-114 Management Of Distance Education In Hindi

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Book                           :       MES-114 Management Of Distance Education In Hindi

Author                        :       GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                            :       978-93-85533-96-9

Binding                       :       Paperback

Publisher                   :       Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages    :       249

Language                  :       Hindi

Edition                        :       2016

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MES-114 Management Of Distance Education In Hindi

Topics Covered

Block-1 Educational Systems Management
Unit-1 Management Functions and Processes: An Overview
Unit-2 Management of Educational Systems
Unit-3 Managing Educational Institutions 
Unit-4  Management Processes in Education

Block-2 Management of Higher Education
Unit-5 Indian Higher Education: Retrospect and Prospect
Unit-6 Higher Education in the Third World Countries: An Overview
Unit-7 Management of Higher Education: Systemic Level
Unit-8 Management of Higher Education: Institutional Level

Block-3 Planning and Management of Distance Education
Unit-9 Understanding Distance Education Systems
Unit-10 Organisational Structure of Higher Distance Education Institutions 
Unit-11 Management of Distance Education Systems
Unit-12 Issues in Planning and Management of Distance Education Institutions

Block-4 Planning and Management at IGNOU
Unit-13 Open University System in India: Genesis
Unit-14 Emergence of Open University System in India
Unit-15 Governance and Organisational Structure of IGNOU
Unit-16 Planning and Coordination at IGNOU
Unit-17 Promotion and Coordination of Distance Education

Block-5 Management of Change
Unit-18  Models of Educational Change
Unit-19 Factors Affecting Change
Unit-20 Critical Success Factors
Unit-21 Organisational Mechanisms for Self-Renewal 

Chapter-1  Educational Systems Management
Chapter-2  Management of Higher Education
Chapter-3  Planning and Management of Distance Education
Chapter-4  Planning and Management At IGNOU
Chapter-5  Management of Change 

1. Solution Paper – Dec 2013
2. Solution Paper – June 2014
3. Solution Paper – Dec 2014
4. Solution Paper – June 2015
5. Solution Paper – Dec 2015

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