MEG8 New Literature In English (IGNOU Help book for MEG-8 in English Medium)

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Book                        :       MEG – 8 New Literature In English

Author                      :       Mrs. Promila Rawat

ISBN                         :       978-93-81690-66-6

Binding                     :       Paperback

Publisher                  :       Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages      :       338

Language                  :       English

Edition                       :       2018

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MEG – 8 New Literature in English


Block- 1 Introduction

Unit-1 Naming the Discipline
Unit-2 African Literature: Culture and Post-Nationalist Politics in Kenya and Nigeria
Unit-3 Caribbean Literature: The Aesthetic of Diaspora
Unit-4 South Asian Literature
Unit-5 Australian Literature: Interrogating National Myths
Unit-6 Canadian Literature: Scanning the Literary Landscape

Block- 2 A Grain of Wheat: Ngugi Wa Thiong’o

Unit-1 Africa-The Dark Continent and Kenya—The Land of Gikuyu and Mumbi
Unit-2 Literature and Politics
Unit-3 Modern Novel in Africa
Unit-4 Ngugi wa Thiong’o – Life, Literature and Ideology
Unit-5 A Grain of Wheat – Summary
Unit-6 A Grain of Wheat – An Evaluation

Block- 3 A Dance of Forests: Wole Soyinka

Unit-1 An Introduction to Nigeria and to the Yoruba World
Unit-2 Wole Soyinka’s Life and Works
Unit-3 A Dance of the Forests: Summary
Unit-4 Critical Commentary on A Dance of the Forests

Block- 4 Dapsi Sidhwa: Ice-Candy-Man

Unit-1 The Author: Background, Works, and Significance of the Title
Unit-2 The Narrative Voice in Ice-Candy-Man
Unit-3 Feminist Inscriptions in Ice-Candy-Man
Unit-4 Parsi Identity in Ice-Candy-Man
Unit-5 Ice-Candy-Man as a Novel of Partition

Block- 5 A house for Mr. Biswas: V.S. Naipaul

Unit-1 Naipaul and his Critics
Unit-2 Mr. Biswas and the Tulsis
Unit-3 Mr. Biswas and his Dream House
Unit-4 Why did Mr. Biswas want a House?

Block- 6 Caribbean Poetry: Derek Walcott and Edward Brathwaite

Unit-1 Introduction to Caribbean poetry
Unit-2 Derek Walcott-I
Unit-3 Derek Walcott-I
Unit-4 (Edward) Kamau Brathwaite-I
Unit-5 (Edward) Kamau Brathwaite-II
Unit-6 Theoretical Paradigms for Carribbean Literature

Block- 7 The Solid Mandala: Patrick White

Unit-1 The Novelist and The Novel
Unit-2 Openings and Preoccupations
Unit-3 Denizens of the Australian Emptiness
Unit-4 Message in Motifs
Unit-5 Techniques

Block- 8 The Novelist and Her Main Thematic Concerns

Unit-1 The Novelist and Her Man Thematic Concerns
Unit-2 Hager and The Theme of Self – Alienation
Unit-3 The Stone Angel: A Novel of Awakening
Unit-4 Major Aspects of the Novel


1. Solution Paper – Dec 2007
2. Solution Paper – June 2008
3. Solution Paper – Dec 2008
4. Solution Paper – June 2009
5. Solution Paper – Dec 2009
6. Solution Paper – June 2010
7. Question Paper – Dec 2010
8. Solution Paper – June 2011
9. Question Paper – Dec 2011
10. Question Paper – June 2012
11. Question Paper – Dec 2012
12. Question Paper – June 2013 
13. Question Paper – Dec 2013 
14. Question Paper – June 2014
15. Question Paper – Dec 2014
16. Question Paper – June 2015
17. Question Paper – Dec 2015

18. Question Paper – June 2016
19. Solution Paper – Dec 2016
20. Question Paper – June 2017
21. Solution Paper – Dec 2017

22. Solution Paper – June 2018

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