MA MEC109 Research Methods in Economics (IGNOU Help book for MEC-109 in Hindi Medium)

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Book                               :        MEC-109 Research Methods in Economics In Hindi

Author                           :       GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                               :       978-93-86276-23-0

Binding                         :       Paperback

Publisher                      :       Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages        :       375

Language                      :       Hindi

Edition                           :      New Edition

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MEC-109 Research Methods in Economics In Hindi


Block- 1 Research Methodology: Issues and Perspectives

Unit-1 Research Methodology: Conceptual Foundation
Unit-2 Approaches to Scientific Knowledge: Positivism and Post Positivism
Unit-3 Models of Scientific Explanation
Unit-4 Debates on Models of Explanation in Economics
Unit-5 Foundations of Qualitative Research: Interpretativism and Critical Theory

Block- 2 Research Design and Measurement

Unit-6 Research Design and Mixed Methods Research
Unit-7 Data Collection and Sampling Design
Unit-8 Measurement and Scaling Techniques

Block- 3 Quantitative Methods-I

Unit-9 Two Variable Regression Models
Unit-10 Multivariable Regression Models
Unit-11 Measures of Inequality
Unit-12 Construction of Composite Index in Social Sciences

Block- 4 Quantitative Methods-II

Unit-13 Multivariable Analysis: Factor Analysis
Unit-14 Canonical Correlation Analysis
Unit-15 Cluster Analysis
Unit-16 Correspondence Analysis
Unit-17 Structural Equation Modeling

Block- 5 Qualitative Methods

Unit-18 Participatory Method
Unit-19 Content Analysis
Unit-20 Action Research

Block- 6 Data Base of Indian Economy

Unit-21 Macro-Variable Data: National Income, Saving and Investment
Unit-22 Agricultural and Industrial Data
Unit-23 Trade and Finance
Unit-24 Social Sector



(1) December-2016 (Solved)
(2) June-2017 (Solved)
(3) December-2017
(4) June-2018 (Solved)
(5) December-2018
(6) June-2019 (Solved)
(7) December-2019 (Solved)


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