MA MECE001 Econometrics Methods (IGNOU Help book for MECE-001 in English Medium)

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Book                          :       MECE-001 Econometrics Methods

Author                        :       Loknath

ISBN                          :       978-93-81970-80-5

Binding                     :       Paperback

Publisher                   :       Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages        :       269

Language                   :       English

Edition                       :       2018

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MECE-001 Econometrics Methods


Block- 1 Basic Econometric Theory

Unit-1 Introduction to Econometrics
Unit-2 Estimation of Two-Variable Regression Model
Unit-3 Statistical Inference in Simple Regression Models 
Unit-4 Multiple Regression Model 
Unit-5 Generalised Least Squares 

Block- 2 Treatment of Violations of Basic Assumptions

Unit-6 Multicollinearity
Unit-7 Autocorrelation
Unit-8 Heteroscedasticity 
Unit-9 Errors in Variables 

Block- 3 Extensions of Regression

Unit-10 Dummy Variable Models
Unit-11 Autoregressive and Distributed Lag Models  
Unit-12 Discrete Dependent Variable Models

Block- 4 Simultaneous Equation Models

Unit-13 Introduction to Simultaneous Equation Models 
Unit-14 Identification Problem
Unit-15 Estimation of Simultaneous Equation Models

Block- 5 Multivariate Analysis

Unit-16 Introduction to Multivariate Analysis
Unit-17 Principal Components Analysis
Unit-18 Factor Analysis  


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