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MEC-101 Microeconomic Analysis

Topics Covered

Block-1 Consumer Behaviour
Unit-1 Theory of Consumer Behaviour: Basic Themes
Unit-2 Theory of Demand
Unit-3 Theory of Demand: Some Recent Developments

Block-2 Producer Behaviour
Unit-4 Theory of Production
Unit-5 Theory of Cost
Unit-6 Production Economics

Block-3 Price and Output Determination
Unit-7Perfect Competition
Unit-8 Monopoly
Unit-9 Monopolistic Competition
Unit-10 Oligopoly

Block-4 General Equilibrium
Unit-11 General Equilibrium: Pure Exchange Model
Unit-12 General Equilibrium with Production

Block-5 Welfare Economics
Unit-13 Pigovian vs Paretian Approach
Unit-14 Social Welfare Function
Unit-15 Imperfect Market Externality and Public Goods
Unit-16 Social Choice and Welfare

Block-6 Economics of Uncertainty
Unit-17 Choice in Uncertain Situations
Unit-18 Insurance Choice and Risk
Unit-19 Economics of Information

Block-7 Non-Cooperative Game Theory-I
Unit-20 Static Games of Complete Information
Unit-21 Static Games with Complete Information: Applications
Unit-22 Dynamics Games with Complete Information

Block-8 Non-Cooperative Game Theory-II
Unit-23 Static Games of Incomplete Information
(with Application to Auction)
Unit-24 Dynamic Games with Incomplete Information:
Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium
Unit-25 Signaling Games and their Application
Unit-26 Refinements of Perfect Bayesian Equilibrium


Chapter-1 Consumer Behaviour
Chapter-2 Producer Behaviour
Chapter-3 Price and Output Determination
Chapter-4 General Equilibrium
Chapter-5 Welfare Economics
Chapter-6 Economics of Uncertainty
Chapter-7 Non-Cooperative Game Theory-I
Chapter-8 Non-Cooperative Game Theory-II


(1) June: 2018 (Solved
(2) December: 2018 (Solved)
(3) June: 2019 (Solved)
(4) December: 2019 (Solved)

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