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Book                         :     BHIC-101 History of India-I

Author                      :      Gullybaba.com Panel

ISBN                         :      978-81-945773-3-1

Binding                     :      Paperback

Publisher                  :      Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages     :        313

Language                  :      English  

Edition                       :      Latest Edition

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BHIC-101 History of India – I


Block 1 Reconstructing Ancient Indian History
Unit 1 Geographical Regions and Sources
Unit 2 Prehistoric Period
Unit 3 Hunting-Gathering Societies

Block 2 The Advent of Food Production and Harappan Civilisation
Unit 4 The Neolithic Phase
Unit 5 Harappan Civilisation-I
Unit 6 Harappan Civilisation-II
Unit 7 Harappan Civilisation-III

Block 3 Vedic Period and Cultures in Transition
Unit 8 Vedic Period-I
Unit 9 Vedic Period-II
Unit 10 Emergence of Iron
Unit 11 Intellectual Developments and Asceticism
Unit 12 Jainism, Buddhism and Ajivikas

Block 4 India: 6th Century BCE to 200 BCE
Unit 13 Janapadas and Mahajanapadas
Unit 14 Alexander’s Invasion of the Northwest
Unit 15 Rise of Magadha
Unit 16 The Mauryan ‘Empire’
Unit 17 Mauryas
Unit 18 Attitudes towards Environment, Science and Technology
Unit 19 Gender Perspectives

Chapter-1 Reconstructing Ancient Indian History
Chapter-2 The Advent of Food Production and Harappan Civilisation
Chapter-3 Vedic Period and Cultures in Transition
Chapter-4 India: 6th Century BCE to 200 BCE

TOTAL QUESTION PAPERS ( Total-4, Solved-2, Unsolved-2)
Sample Paper-I
Sample Paper-II
Guess Paper-I
Guess Paper-II


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