DNHE3 Nutrition and Health Education (IGNOU Help book for DNHE-3 in English Medium)

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Book                             :         DNHE-3 Nutrition and Health Education

 Author                          :         Anshu Chaturvedi       

ISBN                              :        978-93-82688-45-7

Binding                          :        Paperback

Publisher                       :        Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages           :        255

Language                       :        English

Edition                            :        2019

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 DNHE-3 Nutrition and Health Education

Block-1 Nutrition and Health Status of the Community

Unit-1  Learning and Working with the Community
Unit-2  Community Nutrition and Health
Unit-3 Factors Influencing Community Health and Nutrition

Block-2  Themes and Messages in Nutrition and Health Education

Unit-4 Themes in Nutrition Education
Unit-5  Themes in Health Education
Unit-6 Messages in Nutrition and Health Education

Block-3 Methods of Communication in Nutrition and Health Education

Unit-7  Group Communication Methods
Unit-8  Mass Communication Media
Unit-9  Presentation of Selected Communication Media
Unit-10  Non-Machine Media—Planning and Preparation
Unit-11  Machine Operated Devices—Planning and Preparation

Block-4 Approaches in Nutrition and Health Education

Unit-12  Traditional Approaches
Unit-13  Presentation of Traditional Approaches
Unit-14  Modern Approaches
Unit-15  Presentation of Modern Approaches

Block-5  Community Strategies in Nutrition and Health Education

Unit-16  Individual Strategies
Unit-17  Community Strategies
Unit-18  Presentation of the Operation of Selected Strategies

Block-6  Nutrition Programmes

Unit-19  Past and Present Nutrition Programmes
Unit-20  Nutrition Education Programmes–Planning, Implementation  and Evaluation
Unit-21  Organising Successful Nutrition and Health Programmes: Selected Process Models

Question Papers

1. Solution Paper – June 2011
2. Solution Paper – December 2011
3. Solution Paper – June 2012
4. Solution Paper – December 2012
5. Solution Paper – June 2013
6. Solution Paper – December 2013
7. Question Paper – June 2014
8. Question Paper – December 2014
9. Question Paper – June 2015
10. Question Paper – December 2015
11. Question Paper – June 2016
12. Question Paper – December 2016
13. Question Paper – June 2017
14. Solution Paper – December 2017
15. Question Paper – June 2018
16. Solution Paper – December 2018

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