DECE-2 Baal Swasthey Evam Poshan in Hindi Medium

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Book                            :        DECE2 Baal Swasthey Evam Poshan  in Hindi Medium, Edition 2019

Author                        :        GPH Panel of Experts          

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Binding                       :       Paperback

Publisher                   :       Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. 

Number of Pages     :       374

Language                    :       Hindi

Edition                         :       2019

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DECE-2 Child Health And Nutrition

Topics Covered

CHAPTER -1 Introduction to Nutrition and Health
1 The Concept of Nutrition
2 The Concept of Health
3 Indicators of Health

CHAPTER-2 Basic Concepts in Nutrition

4 The Macronutrients-I : Carbohydrates and Water
5 The Macronutrients-I : Proteins and Fats
6 The Micronutrients-I : Vitamins
7 The Micronutrients II : Minerals
8 Planning Balanced Diets

CHAPTER-3 Nutrition and Health Care during Pregnancy and Lactation

9 Meal Planning For Pregnant and Lactating Women
10 Health Care during Pregnancy
11 Health Care during Intranatal and Postnatal Periods

CHAPTER-4 Nutrition and Health Care during Infancy and Early Childhood

12 Nutrition during Infancy
13-Nutrition during Early Childhood)
14- (Health Care of the Child)

CHAPTER-5 Nutrition Related Disorders in Early Childhood

15 Major Deficiency Diseases – I : Protein Energy  Malnutrition and Xerophthalmia
16 Major Deficiency Diseases – II : Anaemia and Iodine Deficiency Disorders
17 Other Nutritional Problems
CHAPTER-6 Nutrition and Health Programmes

18 Major Nutrition Programmes
19 Major Health Programmes
20 Assessment of Nutritional Status
CHAPTER-7 Common Childhood Illness, Their Prevention and Management-1

21 Caring for the Sick Child
22 Some Disorders of the Alimentary system
23 Some Disorders of the Respiratory System
24 Some Infections of the Mouth and Throat
25 Some Problems of the Eyes
CHAPTER-8 Common Childhood Illness,Their Prevention and Management-2

26 Common Diseases of the Skin
27 Common Problems of the Ears
28 Fevers
29 Lumps and Swellings
30 First Aid

1- Solution paper December 2015
2. Solution paper June 2016
3. Solution paper December 2016
4. Solution paper June 2017
5. Solution paper December 2017
6. Solution paper June 2018
7. Solution paper December 2017
8. Sample Solution Paper June 2019


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