IGNOU CTE-2 The Structure of English (IGNOU Help book for CTE-2 in English Medium)

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Book                                       :           CTE-2 The Structure of English

Author                                    :           GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                                        :            978-93-81970-89-8

 Binding                                  :           Paperback

Publisher                               :            Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages                 :            192

Language                              :             English






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CTE-2  The Structure of English


Chapter- 1 English and its Varieties

I Native and Non-native Varieties of English
II Indianisation of English
III Indian English: Question of Standard Form and Intelligibility

Chapter- 2 The Nature of Text

I What is a Text?
II The Discourse Perspective
III Application of Text Analysis to Teaching the Four Language Skills

Chapter- 3 Sentence Types: Form and Function

I Basic Sentence Patterns in English
II Sentence Transformation:: Negatives and Interrogatives
III The Noun Phrase-I
IV The Noun Phrase-II
V The Verb Phrase:: Lexical, Auxiliary and Phrasal Verbs
VI Complex and Compound Sentences

Chapter- 4 English Word Patterns and Sounds

I Word Patterns
II Inflectional Morphology of English-I
III Inflectional Morphology of English-II
IV Derivational Morphology of English
V Sounds of English-Vowels and Consonants
VI Stress and Rhythm in Connected Speech





1. Solution Paper – Dec 2010
2. Solution Paper – June 2011
3. Solution Paper – Dec 2011
4. Solution Paper – June 2012
5. Solution Paper – Dec 2012


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