CHE-05 Organic Chemistry (IGNOU Help book for CHE-05 in English Medium)

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Book                             :        CHE-05 Organic Chemistry 

Author                         :        Mishra Chandan Ajit

ISBN                             :        978-93-82688-83-9

Binding                       :        Paperback

Publisher                   :       Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages     :        368

Language                    :        English

Edition                         :        New Edition

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CHE-05 Organic Chemistry

Topics Covered

Block-1 Fundamental Concepts

Unit-1 Bonding, Functional Group Classification and Nomenclature 
Unit-2 Stereochemistry – I 
Unit-3 Stereochemistry – II 
Unit-4 Effect of Molecular Architecture on Physical Properties 
Unit-5 Structure – Reactivity Relationships  

Block-2 Basic Skeleton : Hydrocarbons and Heterocycles

Unit-6 Alkanes
Unit-7 Alkenes
Unit-8 Alkynes 
Unit-9 Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Polynuclear Aromatics 
Unit-10 Heterocyclic Compounds  

Block-3 Derivatives of Hydrocarbons – I

Unit-11 Halogen Derivatives 
Unit-12 Alcohols and Phenols  
Unit-13 Ethers and Sulphur Analogues of Alcohols and Ethers 
Unit-14 Aldehydes and Ketones  

Block-4 Derivatives of Hydrocarbons – II

Unit-15 Monocarboxylic and Sulphonic Acids   
Unit-16 Substituted Carboxylic Acids 
Unit-17 Functional Derivatives of Monocarboxylic Acids 
Unit-18 Nitro Compounds  
Unit-19 Amino Compounds and Diazonium Salts  
Unit-20 Natural Products  

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December 2019 (Solved)

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