IGNOU B.LIB. GUIDE (BLI-221 to 224) (IGNOU Help book for B.LIB. in English Medium)

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Book                                 :         IGNOU B.LIB. Guide-2 (BLI-225 & BLIE-226, 228, 229)

Author                            :         Jasvinder Kaur

ISBN                                :         978-93-85533-21-1

Binding                          :         Paperback

Publisher                      :         Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages       :         958

Language                     :         English

Edition                         :         2019

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IGNOU B.LIB. Guide-2 (BLI-225 & BLIE-226, 228, 229)


BLI-225 Communication Skills

Block-1 Communication Fundamentals
Unit-1 The Basics
Unit-2 Social Skills
Unit-3 Introducing the Institution

Block-2 Preparing for Job Interview
Unit-4 Your Profile
Unit-5 Preparing Your Portfolio
Unit-6 Preparing Your Resume/Curriculum Vitae
Unit-7 The Job Interview

Block-3 Workplace Skills
Unit-8 Presentation Skills
Unit-9 Telephone Skills
Unit-10 Group Discussions
Unit-11 Body Language

Block-4 The Writing Skill
Unit-12 The Writing Skill: Some Basic Guidelines
Unit-13 Internal Correspondence at the Workplace
Unit-14 External Correspondence at the Workplace

Block-5 Advanced Writing Skills
Unit-15 Basic Features of Proposals
Unit-16 Writing Reports
Unit-17 Questionnaire Method

BLIE-226 Management of Library and Information Centre

Block-1 Principles and Practices of Management
Unit-1 Principles and Functions of Management
Unit-2 Total Quality Management
Unit-3 Change Management
Unit-4 Application of Principles of Management in Libraries and Information Centres

Block-2  Library Functions and Operations
Unit-5 Basic Housekeeping Operations Part-1
Unit-6 Basic House Keeping Operations Part-2
Unit-7 Physical Infrastructure Planning
Unit-8 Maintenance and Preservation
Unit-9 Disaster Management

Block-3 Financial Management
Unit-10 Sources of Finance and Resource Mobilisation
Unit-11 Budgeting Technique
Unit-12 Budget Preparation

Block-4 Human Resource Management
Unit-13 Basics of Human Resource Management
Unit-14 Human Resource Planning
Unit-15 Human Resource Development

BLIE-228 Information Products and Services

Block-1 Conventional Products and Services
Unit-1 Literature Search and Bibliographic Services
Unit-2 Current Awareness Services (Including SDI and Alerting Services)
Unit-3 Abstracting, Digest and Newspaper Clipping Services
Unit-4 Referral Service

Block-2 Special Products and Services
Unit-5 Information Analysis
Unit-6 Information Consolidation and Repackaging
Unit-7 Information Analysis and Consolidation Products

Block-3 Document Delivery Service
Unit-8 Document Delivery Service: An Overview
Unit-9 Electronic Document Delivery Service
Unit-10 Translation Service

Block-4 Web Products and Services
Unit-11 Web Sharing
Unit-12 Collaborative Content Development
Unit-13 Web Marketing

BLIE-229 ICT in Libraries

Block-1 Library Automation
Unit-1 Introduction to Library Automation
Unit-2 Library Automation Processes
Unit-3 Library Automation – Software Packages
Unit-4 Library Automation; Application of Open Source Software

Block-2 Digitisation and Digital Libraries–DSpace and GSDL

Unit-5 Introduction to Digital Library
Unit-6 Digitisation Process
Unit-7 Creating Digital Libraries Using DSpace
Unit-8 Creating Digital Libraries Using GSDL

Question Papers

BLI-221, June: 2015  (Solved)
BLI-222, June: 2015  (Solved)
BLI-223, June: 2015  (Solved)
BLI-224, June: 2015  (Solved)
BLI-221, December: 2015 (Solved)
BLI-222, December: 2015 (Solved)
BLI-223, December: 2015 (Solved)
BLI-224, December: 2015 (Solved) 
BLI-221, June: 2016  (Solved)
BLI-222, June: 2016  (Solved)
BLI-223, June: 2016  (Solved)
BLI-224, June: 2016  (Solved)
BLI-221, December: 2016
BLI-222, December: 2016
BLI-223, December: 2016
BLI-224, December: 2016
BLI-221, June: 2019  (Solved)
BLI-222, June: 2019  (Solved)
BLI-223, June: 2019  (Solved)
BLI-224, June: 2019  (Solved)
BLI-221, December: 2017
BLI-222, December: 2017
BLI-223, December: 2017
BLI-224, December: 2017
BLI-221, June: 2018  (Solved)
BLI-222, June: 2018  (Solved)
BLI-223, June: 2018  (Solved)
BLI-224, June: 2018  (Solved)
BLI-221, December: 2018
BLI-222, December: 2018
BLI-223, December: 2018
BLI-224, December: 2018
BLI-221, June: 2018  (Solved)
BLI-222, June: 2018  (Solved)
BLI-223, June: 2018  (Solved)
BLI-224, June: 2018  (Solved)
BLI-221, December: 2019 (Solved)
BLI-222, December: 2019 (Solved)
BLI-223, December: 2019 (Solved)
BLI-224, December: 2019 (Solved) 

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