BHIC131 Bharat Ka Itihas Aadikaal Se 300 Ishvi Tak

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Book                                           :       BHIC-131 Bharat Ka Itihas Aadikaal Se 300 Ishvi Tak

Author                         :       GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                              :       978-81-942867-98-0

Binding                        :       Paperback

Publisher                    :       Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. 

Number of Pages     :       225

Language                    :       Hindi

First Edition             :       2019

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BHIC-131 History of India from The Earliest Times Up to 300 c.e.

Chapter-1 Sources of Ancient Indian History
Chapter-2 Archaeology as a Source and Prominent Archaeological Sites
Chapter-3 Indian History: Physical Features, Formations and Characteristics
Chapter-4 Hunter-Gatherers: Archaeological Perspective, Origin of Agriculture and Domestication of Animals
Chapter-5 Harappan Civilisation: Chronology, Geographical Spread, Diffusion and Decline
Chapter-6 Harappan Civilisation: Material Characteristics, Nature of Contacts, Society and Religion
Chapter-7 Chalcolithic and Early Iron Age
Chapter-8 The Early Vedic Society
Chapter-9 Changes in the Later Vedic Phase
Chapter-10 Janapadas and Mahajanapadas: Rise of Urban Centres, Society and Economy
Chapter-11 Buddism, Jainism and other Religious Ideas
Chapter-12 Alexander’s Invasion
Chapter-13 Establishment of Mauryan Rule and Magadhan Territorial Expansion
Chapter-14 Administrative Organisation, Economy and Society
Chapter-15 Early State Formation in Deccan and Tamilaham
Chapter-16 Agrarian Settlements, Agrarian Society, Expansion of Trade and Urban Centres– Peninsular India
Chapter-17 Growth of Tamil Language and Literature

Question Papers
Sample Question Paper-I (Solved)
Sample Question Paper-II (Solved)
Guess Paper-I
Guess Paper-II



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