IGNOU BPSE-212 Government And Politics In India

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Book                            :        BPSE-212 Government And Politics In India

Author                         :        GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                             :        978-93-82688-92-1

Binding                        :        Paperback

Publisher                    :        Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages     :        352

Language                   :        English

 Edition                        :        2017 

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BPSE-212 Government And Politics In India

Topics Covered

Block-1 Historical Background

Unit-1 The Consequences of Colonialism
Unit-2 Responses of Indian Society
Unit-3 National Movement
Unit-4 Emergence of New Classes

Block-2 Philosophy of Indian Constitution
Unit-5 The Making of Indian Constitution
Unit-6 Basic Features
Unit-7 Vision of Social Transformation
Unit-8 Rights and Citizenship

Block-3 Institutional Framework
Unit-9 What it Means to be a Parliamentary Democracy?
Unit-10 Legislature
Unit-11 Executive
Unit-12 Judiciary
Unit-13 Bureaucracy in India

Block-4 Federalism in India
Unit-14 Nature of Indian Federalism
Unit-15 Special Provisions for North-East India, J&K, etc.
Unit-16 Issues in Conflict and Cooperation in India Federalism
Unit-17 Autonomy Movements and State Reorganisation in India
Unit-18 Local Self-Government Institutions: Rural and Urban

Block-5 Party System and Elections in India
Unit-19 Nature of Party System in India
Unit-20 National and Regional Parties
Unit-21 Elections
Unit-22 Caste, Class and Politics in India
Unit-23 Coalition Politics

Block-6 Social and Political Movements in India
Unit-24 Women
Unit-25 Dalits
Unit-26 Tribals
Unit-27 Environment
Unit-28 Workers and Peasants

Block-7 Context of Indian State
Unit-29 Globalisation and Liberalisation
Unit-30 Secularism and Communal Challenge
Unit-31 Democracy in Search of Equality
Unit-32 Crime, Repression and Terror in Indian Politics

Chapter-1Historical Background
Chapter 2 Philosophy of Indian Constitution
Chapter-3Institutional Framework
Chapter 4 Federalism in India
Chapter-5Party System and Elections in India
Chapter-6Social and Political Movements in India
Chapter-7Context of Indian State




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