BEGE108/ EEG08 Reading The Novel (IGNOU Help book for BEGE-108/EEG08 in English Medium)

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Book                         :      BEGE-108/ EEG-08 Reading The Novel

Author                       :      GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                          :      978-93-82688-88-4

Binding                      :      Paperback

Publisher                   :      Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages       :      206

Language                   :      English

Edition                        :      2019

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BEGE-108/EEG-08 Reading the Novel


Block- 1 The Novel : An Introduction
Unit-1 Introduction to the Novel
Unit-2 Aspects of the Novel

Block- 2 A Tale of Two Cities
Unit-3 Introductory : A Tale of Two Cities
Unit-4 Reading the Text – Books I & II
Unit-5 Reading the Text – Book III
Unit-6 The French Revolution
Unit-7 Dickens’s Treatment of the French Revolution
Unit-8 The Two Worlds of A Tale of Two Cities

Block- 3 The Scarlet Letter
Unit-9 Hawthorne the Novelist : A Review of this Literary Career
Unit-10 The Socio-Cultural Background of The Scarlet Letter
Unit-11 Reading the Novel
Unit-12 Characterization
Unit-13 Themes and Their Expression Through Imagery
Unit-14 Structure, Narrative Techniques and Special Features

Block- 4 Nineteen Eighty-Four
Unit-15 Orwell : The Man, His Work and His Times
Unit-16 Reading the Novel
Unit-17 The Novel as Utopia, Anti-Utopia, Dystopia
Unit-18 The Political and Existential Concerns of 1984
Unit-19 Aspects of Nineteen Eighty-Four

Block- 5 Things Fall Apart
Unit-20 Africa : A brief historical survey
Unit-21 The African novel in English : An introduction
Unit-22 Literature and Society in Nigeria
Unit-23 Chinua Achebe : Life and Works
Unit-24 Things Fall Apart : Detailed Analysis
Unit-25 Specific Features of Things Fall Apart

Block- 6 Sunlight on a Broken Column
Unit-26 An Introduction to the Indian Novel in English
Unit-27 Socio-Cultural Context of Sunlight on a Broken Column
Unit-28 Reading the Novel
Unit-29 Theme and Characterization
Unit-30 Critical Assessment
Unit-31 Other Similar Novels

Block- 7 Paraja
Unit-32 Paraja An Introduction
Unit-33 The Cultural Context of Paraja
Unit-34 Paraja : A Novel in Translation
Unit-35 Theme and Plot
Unit-36 Characterization

Block- 8 The Novel : A Retrospective
Unit-37 The Novel : A Conclusion
Unit-38 Critical Perspectives
Unit-39 Futures of the Novel

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10. Question Paper – June 2016
11. Solution Paper – Dec 2016
12. Question Paper – June 2017
13. Solution Paper – Dec 2017

14. Solution Paper – June 2018
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16. Solution Paper – June 2019

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