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Book                             :      BEGE-106 Understanding Poetry

Author                          :      GPH Panel of Experts

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Number of Pages       :      386

Language                     :      English

Edition                           :      Latest Edition

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BEGE-106 Understanding Poetry


Block- 1 Early Modern English Poets
Unit-1 Why Read a Poem? and, How to Study Understanding Poetry?
Unit-2 On Metre, Scansion and, Prosody
Unit-3 William Shakespeare’s Sonnets
Unit-4 John Milton
Unit-5 John Donne
Unit-6 Andrew Marvell

Block- 2 The Long Eighteenth Century
Unit-7 John Dryden: Mac Flecknoe
Unit-8 Alexander Pope: An Essay on Man
Unit-9 Samuel Johnson: The Vanity of Human Wishes
Unit-10 Thomas Gray: Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard

Block- 3 The Romantic Poets
Unit-11 William Wordsworth
Unit-12 S.T. Coleridge
Unit-13 Lord Byron
Unit-14 P.B. Shelley
Unit-15 John Keats

Block- 4 The Great Victorian Poets
Unit-16 Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Unit-17 Robert Browning
Unit-18 Matthew Arnold
Unit-19 Gerard Manley Hopkins
Unit-20 Thomas Hardy and D.H. Lawrence

Block- 5 The High Modernist, Postmodernist and Recent Poets
Unit-21 William Butler Yeats
Unit-22 T.S. Eliot
Unit-23 Philip Larkin
Unit-24 Ted Hughes
Unit-25 Seamus Heaney

Block- 6 The American Poets-I
Unit-26 Ralph Waldo Emerson
Unit-27 Walt Whitman
Unit-28 Edgar Allan Poe
Unit-29 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Unit-30 Emily Dickinson

Block- 7 The American Poets-II
Unit-31 Robert Frost
Unit-32 William Carlos Williams
Unit-33 Wallace Stevens
Unit-34 Langston Hughes
Unit-35 Allen Ginsberg

Block- 8 Indian English Poets
Unit-36 Rabindranath Tagore and Sarojini Naidu
Unit-37 Nissim Ezekiel and Kamala Das
Unit-38 A.K. Ramanujan and Jayant Mahapatra
Unit-39 Arun Kolatkar and Agha Shahid Ali
Unit-40 Dilip Chitre and Keki N. Daruwalla

Some Important Referance to Contexts (RTCs)

Sample Question Paper (Solved)
Question Paper – Dec 2015
Question Paper – June 2016
Solution Paper – Dec 2016
Solution Paper – June 2017
Question Paper – Dec 2017
Solution Paper – June 2018
Question Paper – Dec 2018
Solution Sample  Paper – June 2019
Solution Paper – Dec 2019

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