BECE-107 Industrial Development in India

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Book                           :       BECE-107 Industrial Development in India

Author                        :       GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                            :       978-93-85533-42-6

Binding                       :       Paperback

Publisher                   :       Gullybaba Publishing House (P) Ltd.

Number of Pages    :       364

Language                  :       English

Edition                        :       2015

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BECE-107 Industrial Development in India

Topics Covered

Block-1 Indian Industry and Economic Development
Unit-1  Industry and Economic Development 
Unit-2  Industry and Sectoral Linkages 
Unit-3  Industrial Structure 
Unit-4  Economic Reforms and New Industrial Policy
Unit-5  Industrial Classification and Sources of Data

Block-2 Boundary of Industry
Unit-6 Organised and Unorganised Industrial Enterprises 
Unit-7 Industrial Growth and Pattern 
Unit-8 Major Large Scale Industries 
Unit-9 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises

Block-3 Industrial Organisation and Ownership Structure
Unit-10  Public Sector and Public Utilities
Unit-11  Privatisation and Issues Relating to Disinvestment Policy 
Unit-12  Private Corporate Sector 
Unit-13  Industrial Competition and Competition Policy 
Unit-14  Corporate Governance and Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
Unit-15  Industrial Regulation and Pricing Policies   

Block-4  Industrial Productivity
Unit-16 Concept and Measurement of Productivity 
Unit-17 Productivity in Indian Industries 
Unit-18 Economies of Scale and Scope

Block-5 Financing of Industry
Unit-19 Financing Through Equity and Debt 
Unit-20 Financing for Industry 
Unit-21 Sources of External Financing 
Unit-22 FDI and Industrial Development

Block-6 Location and Dispersion 
Unit-23 Location of Industries 
Unit-24 Dispersion and Regional Disparity in India 
Unit-25 Industrial Clusters and SEZs

Block-7 Industrial Labour
Unit-26 Employment Dimension of Indian Industry 
Unit-27 Industrial Regulation and Industrial Relations
Unit-28 Industrial Wages 
Unit-29 Social Security for the Unorganised Sector Enterprises 
Unit-30 Labour Standards and Industrial Growth 

Block-8 Challenges of Indian Industry
Unit-31 Globalisation, Competitiveness and Indian Industry 
Unit-32 Industrial Sicknesses and Underutilisation of Capacity 
Unit-33 Industrial Pollution and Sustainable Development 
Unit-34 Outsourcing and Fragementation of Production Process

Chapter-1  Indian Industry and Economic Development
Chapter-2  Boundary of Industry
Chapter-3  Industrial Organisation and Ownership Structure
Chapter-4  Industrial Productivity
Chapter-5  Financing of Industry
Chapter-6  Location and Dispersion
Chapter-7  Industrial Labour
Chapter-8  Challenges of Indian Industry

Question Papers
Sample Paper-I (Solved)
Sample Paper-II (Solved)


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