Gullybaba IGNOU Foundation Course (Latest Edition) ACC-1 Organising Child Care Services IGNOU Help Book with Solved Previous Year’s Question Papers and Important Exam Notes

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Book                            :       ACC-1 Organizing Child Care Services

Author                         :       GPH Panel of Experts

ISBN                             :       978-93-81690-35-2

Binding                        :       Paperback

Publisher                    :       Gullybaba Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.

Number of Pages     :       259

Language                   :       English

Edition                         :       Latest Edition

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ACC-1 Organizing Child Care Services


Block- 1 Introduction To The Child Care And Development

Unit-1 The Experience of Childhood
Unit-2 Basic Concepts in Child Development
Unit-3 Principles of Development
Unit-4 Needs and Rights of Children
Unit-5 Importance of Play in Development

Block- 2 The Child: Development In The First Twelve Months

Unit-6 Prenatal Development and Care
Unit-7 Physical, Motor and Sensory Development
Unit-8 Cognitive Development: The Emergence of Thought
Unit-9 Language Development: Learning to Speak
Unit-10 Socio-Emotional Development: The Early Relationships
Unit-11 Play Activities for Fostering Development

Block- 3 The Child: Development During Toddlerhood

Unit-12 Physical and Motor Development: Increase in Mobility and Control
Unit-13 Cognitive Development: Towards Mental Representation and Symbolic Thinking
Unit-14 Language Development: From Words to Sentences
Unit-15 Socio-Emotional Development: Expanding Relationships and The Emerging Self
Unit-16 Play Activities to Foster Development

Block- 4 The Child: Development During Preschool Years

Unit-17 Developing Physical Strength and Motor Coordination
Unit-18 Developing Cognitive Abilities and Understanding Concepts
Unit-19 Enhancing Language Skills
Unit-20 Social Relationships and Child-Rearing

Block- 5 Play Activities for Preschoolers-1

Unit-21 Play Activities for Movement and Mobility
Unit-22 Exploring the Environment
Unit-23 Play Activities for Developing Cognitive Abilities and Some Concepts
Unit-24 Furthering Language 

Block- 6 Play Activities for Preschoolers-2

Unit-25 Fantasy, Story Telling and Dramatic Play
Unit-26 Art for Children
Unit-27 Rhythm: Music and Movement
Unit-28 Nurturing Creativity

Block- 7 Organizing a Child Care Centre

Unit-29 Child Care Services in India
Unit-30 Planning the Curriculum
Unit-31 Setting-up and Running the Centre
Unit-32 Involving the Family and the Community
Unit-33 Evaluation


1. Solution Paper – Dec 2007
2. Solution Paper – June 2008
3. Solution Paper – Dec 2008
4. Solution Paper – June 2009
5. Solution Paper – Dec 2009
6. Question Paper – June 2010
7. Question Paper – Dec 2010
8. Question Paper – June 2011
9. Question Paper – Dec 2011
10. Question Paper – June 2012
11. Question Paper – Dec 2012
12. Question Paper – June 2013
13. Question Paper – Dec 2013
14. Question Paper – June 2014
15. Question Paper – Dec 2014
16. Question Paper – June 2015
17. Question Paper – Dec 2015
18. Solution Paper – June 2016
19. Solution Paper – Dec 2016
20. Solution Paper – June 2017
21. Question Paper – Dec 2017
22. Solution Paper – June 2018
23. Question Paper – Dec 2018
24. Solution Paper – June 2019
25. Solution Paper – Dec 2019

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