How to Write IGNOU BTS Projects (2018)

How to prepare IGNOU Projects

IGNOU BTS Project 2018

IGNOU’s Bachelor of Tourism Studies is an ideal way to start your career in the hospitality industry. Students receive theoretical and practical instructions and furnishing IGNOU BTS project report is part of studies. Students can choose projects on a variety of topics such as arts and crafts, tourism development, pilgrimage tourism, heritage, food tourism, social customs or any relevant tourism related topic.

Following Suggestions Should be Taken Care off When Preparing a Report

Regardless of which topic is chosen for IGNOU tourism projects BTS projects you must keep in mind the following:

    1. Structure the project with a synopsis, introduction, main body and conclusion with logical flow.
    2. Paragraphs should be short and focus on a single topic. Each chapter should have headings and sub-headings along with images and bullet points where necessary. Number each page.
    3. Style of writing of IGNOU BTS Project 2018 should be neutral.
    4. Use double space, one inch margins all around and A4 size paper for printing the project report for BTS and ring bind it.
    5. Check thoroughly before printing for grammatical and other errors.

Submission Procedure of IGNOU BTS Project 2018

Take two printouts and bind the IGNOU BTS project. Submit one copy to Registrar, IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi 110068. You will receive a PR number that you can use when you communicate with SR&E division.

Students pursuing IGNOU BTS course need to submit IGNOU BTS project 2018 for the first year and for the second year as well. Choosing a topic and preparing a synopsis for approval by a counselor may be rather confusing. This is because there are so many topics and you do not know which one to choose. You may also not know about material available or to be gathered to go into the project. GPH is your source for a diversity of topics on IGNOU BTS projects. It helps take the anxiety of thinking of a suitable project and moving forward.

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