We The Children Of India The Preamble to Our Constitution

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Book                               :       We The Children Of India The Preamble to Our Constitution

Author                            :       Leila Seth

ISBN                                :      978-01-43331-51-3

Binding                           :      Paperback

Publisher                       :      Puffin Books

Number of Pages        :      40

Language                      :      English

Edition                            :      2010

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We, the Children of India: The Preamble to Our Constitution

The Preamble to Our Constitution is a book for young children to make them understand India’s Preamble of the Constitution. The author, an eminent judge, said that she decided to write the book after having a conversation with her eight year old granddaughter who couldn’t understand what words like integrity, citizen, and equality meant. Seth realized that the children of this nation should be taught about the Constitution in a language that is easy for them to understand and grasp.

We, the Children of India: The Preamble to Our Constitution begins with an explanation by the author as to why India has a Constitution and a Preamble and why having them is important. The author breaks down the Preamble, “We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved…” into simple explanations for children that translate to “All the people in our country, including children, having taken a firm decision…”. This word-to-word translation make it possible for kids to understand what values India as a nation is built on. Some of the terms defined are: secular, fraternity, sovereign, justice, republic, socialist, liberty and democracy. The book includes sidebars that give a better context of the statements and words mentioned in the Preamble. The author has beautiful integrated history into the pages of this book. She tells her readers about how the Indian Constitution came into existence and the people who helped bring about India’s Independence, like Mahatma Gandhi. Short biographies and unique photographs from history make this book extremely appealing to it’s readers. Photos, like that of India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru signing the Constitution is included in the book. Seth has also mentioned how even after sixty years of this nation’s independence, there are many unfulfilled goals. She says that as a nation India has not been able to achieve what the Constitution has stated. Thus it is the role of every single citizen of India, including children, to do their best for India’s development.

The book has many illustrations by Bindia Thapar. They run parallel to the text and is a treat for all inquisitive kids. The cover is also very colourful and fun, making it appealing for young readers

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