The Wedding

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Book                              :          The Wedding

Author                           :           Nicholas Sparks,

ISBN                               :          978-07-51541-95-3

Binding                          :          Paperback

Publisher                      :           Little, Brown Book Group

Number of Pages        :         272

Language                      :         English

Edition                            :         2008

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The Wedding

“The Wedding strikes at the heart of love and its deepest myths and beliefs. It is a story of a quest by an ordinary man to win back the heart of the woman he loves. Wilson Lewis, the protagonist in this story has to encounter ugly reality after thirty years of marriage. He finally accepts that the romance has slowly but steadily seeped out of his marriage with Jane. He blames himself for this distance between him and Jane. His in-laws Allie and Noah Calhoun were a glittering example of a fifty year love story which was the subject of The Notebook. Yet, Lewis finds himself unable to convey his actual feelings or express his desires after all these years. His daughter’s upcoming wedding forces him to do a rethink. Lewis is sure of his love for Jane and undertakes a quest to make her fall in love all over again. Wilson Lewis uses the inspiring story of his in-laws as motivation. He walks the extra mile to save his marriage and win his way back into Jane’s heart. A noted estate attorney, Wilson has always spent most of his time at the office. Now, he resolves to change the situation and looks for ways to preserve his and Jane’s relationship. In The Wedding, Sparks manages to touch a deeper chord with readers and the book is a moving portrayal of lost love which is ultimately revived and consolidated.”

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