Forget Me Not, Stranger

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Book                             :         Forget Me Not, Stranger

Author                          :         Novoneel Chakraborty 

ISBN                              :         978-81-84007-30-5

Binding                         :         Paperback

Publisher                     :         Random House India 

Number of Pages      :         296

Edition                          :         2016

Language                    :         English

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Forget Me Not, Stranger

The third and final book of the Stranger Trilogy, ‘Forget Me Not, Stranger’ is a romantic thriller that moves around Rivanah Bannerjee, a 23 year old girl based in Mumbai and a ‘stranger’.

Rivanah does not know whether ‘he’ is just another person or a ghost or simply an extension of her imagination. All she knows is that ‘he’ is scary yet lovely and terrifying yet sexy; and, he will have her killed one day.

The hardworking Rivanah, a harmless young girl in a big city, away from her childhood friends and family, does not have any idea why the stranger is following her. Is there a facet of her own life that is yet to unfold in front of her? Or, is this her imagination?

Who is the stranger and what binds her with him? All these questions and many more will finally be answered in this breath-taking and intense concluding part of the Stranger Trilogy.

A clean write-up with adequate dosage of thrill and suspense, this book has been well attuned with its last parts and makes way for a good read.

About the Author

Based in Mumbai, Navoneel Chakraborty is a famous bestselling author and a screenplay writer of some popular shows like Million Dollar Girl that runs on Channel V. Till date, he has written seven romantic thrillers, including the popular Stranger Trilogy.

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